Navigator onboard TEAM SCA in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 edition


For the 2014-2015 edition Libby had the unique opportunity to put both her weather meteorological experience and racing experience to the ultimate test as part of Team SCA.

Team SCA were the first all female team in the race in 10 years and they successfully went on to secure a leg win, the first time in 25 years that a female team achieved this. Twice Libby was named Navigator of the Leg not only for the Leg win into Lorient but also when Team SCA split from the fleet closely followed by Brunel on the Leg into Auckland

Olympic Venue Research and Forecasting



For seven years Libby worked with the RYA and supported the British Sailing Team combining her strong weather background with her racing experience. The role was very diverse requiring many different skills and working across the age ranges and experience levels, from educating the sailors, to gathering venue information, developing on the water and land based weather monitoring equipment and forecasting for many venues across the globe

This was often quite challenging with limited time and very little real time data available in the Olympic Venue of Qingdao  a more probabilistic forecast was developed. Research and local data gathering was carried out in order build the knowledge of the tides and wind in the venue. The British Sailing Team went on to be the most successful sport in the Games for the UK

London 2012, home waters and perceived as a well known venue for the British Sailing Team, it had been their training grounds for many years. But with the introduction of the medal racing in 2008 and multiple classes racing, the exact location of course areas became critical and the Nothe course where the medals were decided was a brand new sailing area

Libby was instrumental in gathering and analysing weather and tide data in the build up and during the Games working closely with the athletes to identify the key features and the confidence in them in order to help them secure a medal

JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race


For two years Libby has worked with the Island Sailing Club and Raymarine to produce Weather and Tide Support for all the entrants to the Round the Island Race. 

From assisting the Race Management in the advice they provide competitors on windy conditions to providing the public with useful build up information on the race. Typically top Navigation tips,key features around the race course, tidal gates and up to date forecasts including a live broadcast the evening before the race starts

Virgin Active- Cross Channel Record attempt

virgin active photo.jpg

Between August and October a selected group associated with Virgin Active and headed up by Richard Branson attempted to cross the channel starting from Dungeness in Kent.

Critical to the record attempt was going to be the weather with a variety of different limits. I was on hand to help them pick the best weather windows over the limited time periods that they had available.
This required some long term initial forecasting between 10-14 days ahead to determine the best 3 day window over a certain time period with some fairly stringent limiting factors With a critical wind direction, wind strength limits both upper and lower and sea state limits the windows of opportunity we quite narrow.
We worked with a simple traffic light system to identify the days into three categories to begin the forecast with more in depth details below, click here to an example. 

This allowed the team to better manage their and expectations ahead of the period and to organise the PR aspect of the event.
As the days got nearer the forecast was constantly updated in the morning and evening along with several conference calls.