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There are several different services that Weatherwhiz offer whether you are a group or individual and depending on your outcome goal.

If what you require doesn’t appear to be covered then please feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.

Forecasting - User Specific

  • Daily or weekly forecasts extending up to 10 days ahead
  • Highlighting you personal requirements and limits from wind strengths to temperatures
  • Competition, training, event management or cruising or delivery advice and routing

Education - One on one or groups

  • Simple presentations on topic of interest: sea breeze, clouds, fronts , temperature curves
  • Sport specific knowledge and understanding how to better predict the relevant elements


  • Guest speaker- talking about my experiences within an Olympic Team
  • Presenting on specific weather element

Pre-venue planning

  • Statistical analysis of a venue in terms of wind speed, direction, temperature, extremes
  • Local effects and Knowledge
  • Highlighting key weather features to analyse

Recent clients:

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