Depending on your requirements or needs for dodging rain and finding the wind or simply learning more about the weather, Weatherwhiz offers differing services. If you are not sure exactly what you want or how we can assist then simply contact us



  • Daily or weekly forecasts extending up to 10 days ahead 
  • Highlighting the user specific requirements.
  • Weather routing for event management, Yacht racing, training or cruising


  • Statistical analysis of a venue in terms of wind speed, direction, temperature, waves
  • Local Effects and Knowledge 
  • Highlighting key features to analyse
  • Historical weather routing




  • Simple presentations on topics of interest: sea breeze, clouds, fronts temperature curves
  • Sport Specific knowledge and understanding how to better predict the relevant elements
  • Improving and understanding your weather routing knowledge for cruising to transatlantic racing




  • Presenting and educating on specific weather and tide features
  • Presentations on experiences and knowledge gained through working inshore with Olympic Teams and Offshore with Ocean Racing